Core Revitalization is a creative sequence of therapeutic tissue manipulation targeting bodycore wellness and maintenance.  During a standard session you will experience a total body therapy that focuses on softening, loosening, stretching and freeing restrictions in the body thus restoring mobility and strengthening the energy flow throughout the whole body.  Core revitalization draws from a variety of acupressure, massage, eastern bodywork techniques and eastern healing traditions.  Each session is customized appropriately to meet the goals of each individual through an initial consultation.  It is my intention through Core Revitalization to optimize vital energy flow and promote natural wellness maintenance.  

 General benefits of massage and manual tissue manipulation:  relieves stress, muscle tension, headaches and body pain, increases circulation of blood, aids digestion, encourages proper circulation of helpful body fluids (lymph), increases excretion of harmful body fluids (toxins) in order to prevent reabsorption into your bodies tissues, relieves nervousness by increasing relaxed sense of awareness
Acupressure and Massage also help to relieve pain resulting from many medical conditions and physical injuries such as: Neck pain, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Joint and Muscle Stiffness, Frozen Shoulder (Rotator Cuff Stiffness), Insomnia, Restless Leg Sydrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, Digestive and Urinary system problems, Slow Lymphatic Drainage or Lymphedema...just to name a few   

The Core Revitalization Process

Spring Core Revitalization Process: $75/session, 9 sessions, 90 minutes each session

Spring 2014 Transformation Series:  $75/session, 9 sessions, 90 minutes each session     

Spring 2014 Transformation Mini Series:  $90/session, 3 sessions, 90 minutes each session. 
Reserve a spot now through April15th by e-mailing   jay@corerevitalization.comSpace is limited.    
What is the Core Revitalization Process?
The Core Revitalization Process combines a 75 minute Core Revitalization session with 15 minutes of wellness consultation in a cumulative 8 or 9 week format designed to cleanse, revitalize and restore the entire body.  A typical Core Revitalization session integrates massage, acupressure, and other healing modalities.  It is highly recommended for individuals seeking to recover from illnesses, make positive lifestyle changes and/or form new wellness patterns within their daily routines.  Healing or achieving an increased level of physical wellness, mental awareness, and emotional happiness is a process that often takes time.  The Core Revitalization process helps the body to realize and maintain those higher levels of wellness that we are all capable of feeling. 

                                                       Comfortable Pressure Levels ?
It is very important to me that you feel very comfortable with how deep the pressure is during your session.  The 3 different Single Sessions of Core Revitalization (described to the right) have been designed to balance the level of physical pressure applied by the therapist with the level of comfort desired by the individual.  For example, a Relaxed Core Revitalization session will resemble the pressure of Swedish Massage and a Standard Session will incorporate more deep massage and acupressure techniques, etc.  Appropriately applied, deep pressure often facilitates relaxation and assists the body with the excretion toxins therefore maximizing the body's potential to heal, revitalize and restore well-being.  As your overall wellness improves, the more comfortable you may feel moving on to experience deeper work.


                Single sessions           $

                       Relaxed Core Revitalization        90

                             Standard Core Revitalization     110

                              Deep Core Revitalization            120


                      Description of acupressure-massage services 
Relaxed Core Revitalization is restorative massage reserved for Seniors and pressure sensitive individuals.  75 minutes.

Standard Core Revitalization is deeply therapeutic, flowing, and detoxifying massage and acupressure leaving the whole body relaxed yet revitalized.  Appropriate for anyone and customized to each individual.  90 minutes.

Deepbody Core Revitalization is very deep, energetically stimulating and tranformative.  Recommended for athletes, younger individuals of optimum health and experienced deep pressure massage clients.  105 minutes.


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